rates and packages



Standard Coaching Package: $250 


TWO coaching sessions per month (60 minutes each at a scheduled bi-weekly call time) 
 Email and text support between sessions 


Moderate Coaching Package: $350 


THREE coaching sessions per month (60 minutes each at regularly scheduled 10-day intervals) 
Email and text support between sessions 


Intensive Coaching Package: $500 

FOUR, coaching sessions per month (60 minutes each at a scheduled weekly call time) 
Email and text support between sessions 
Unlimited, priority access to me for additional coaching as needed throughout each month 


Modified Moderate Coaching Package: $300/month


This includes all the additional offerings listed above in the Moderate Coaching Package

THREE, 40 minute sessions per month 

Modified Intensive Coaching Package: $400/month


This includes all the additional offerings listed above in the Intensive Coaching Package

FOUR, 40 minute coaching sessions per month


Retainer – on call (within 3 hours notice) $1,500 per month

This includes all the additional services offered in the Modified Intensive Package PLUS

5-10 minute phone check-in between sessions

10 minute telephone morning meditation calls as requested*

10 minute evening serenity calls as requested* 


**On retainer means we’re taking your coaching to a whole new level. I will be your personal coach and I will return your call when you reach out immediately and schedule a 60 minute call within 3 hours of your request. I will also come to your physical location for an in person session (as needed at your request) within 75 miles of my home and within 3 hours notice or you can send for me with airfare and accommodations business class provided by you within 24 hours’ notice. The intention is that you have the experience of an “on call” coach that you can reach for as a tool or resource to keep you on target and on purpose, bolstering your will power and shouting you back up to your “A” game if you are experiencing a set-back wherever you are or whatever you are up to. I encourage meditation for relaxation and focus. I also encourage positive affirmations on a daily basis and will help you by starting you off with them daily. 

*These meditation calls are scheduled where I call you and together we repeat affirmations to bring you calming serenity to your space when you arise and awaken as well as when you retire at night. You can request these calls as early as 5am and as late as 1am and I will call you and support your meditation. 

Once you have made your choice that I am your coach, plan on and budget coaching for a minimum of three months so that we have the needed time to build momentum and experience successful results with your 90-day coaching goals. Make sure you have checked your calendar and set up your life to make these calls work. 

If the above package plans do not fall within your budget and you are committed to having me as your coach, you can purchase hourly calls on an “as-needed” basis either scheduled or unscheduled within 12 hours’ notice. We can also customize a payment plan. My experience has taught me that pay-as-you go gives you wiggle room to bail out by canceling or postponing calls and since you pay for each call you can determine when you are being held to account for your goals and when you are not. I do not recommend it. We will create together the best plan for you and your budget. 

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