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Dec 10-12

Open to Your Abundance
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During this FREE 3-day virtual event held on December 10-12, meet 12 speakers, authors of Harmony in Chakras, Volumes I and II.  Get the wisdom, tools and insights to move from where you are to the next level of abundance--whether you are looking to increase prosperity, happiness or some other aspect of your life. Pam Heath, The YES Coach™ is one of the authors of Harmony in Chakras, Volume II and her talk is on Day 2, 9 am PST on How to Manifest Utilizing a Vision Board.

When it comes to personal abundance, there is a formula--and we are more than happy to share it with you!  This weekend we give away more than $4000 worth of information to spiritual entrepreneurs and other like minded souls!!!

Register today to reserve your spot at the Summit!

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12 Dec 11

Law of Attraction Planner Workshop
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Saturday, December 11, 2021

2 pm - 5 pm PST

$100 (includes your Law of Attraction Planner)

Prosperity, abundance and success are your birthright! Pam understands what you've gone through. She lived your story. Her journey through tough times with misery and pain, as well as tragic circumstances that seemed to follow her wherever she went. Many painful situations. She lost what most would consider to be EVERYTHING! There is an infinite moment when you CHOOSE life. What happens then? Your financial abundance can become a magical journey of fun and play. Learn to take control of your inner fears, and eliminate your limiting beliefs for good, creating the courage and confidence to make your journey rewarding and inspiring. Start with your 'GPS' to Success. Pam will teach you in this workshop not only how to plan your daily activities with your day planner, but also how to design and manifest the life of your dreams utilizing the tools and resources of the Law of Attraction with your own Law of Attraction Day Planner! Don't wait! It begins the moment you register! Register here:

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APSCon2021 -
Annual Personal Stocktaking Conference 

12 Dec 12

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

9 am AST (5 am PST)

General Admission - $39 | VIP Admission - $99

Pam Heath, The YES Coach™ is speaking on this stage.

You are specially invited to our 1st Annual Personal Stocktaking Conference2021. Get ready to take stock of your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health as you come out of hiding to unleash your undeniable impact in the world!

Register here:

Annual personal Stocktaking Conference was birthed with the mother, father, hard-working employee, young adult, teenager, entrepreneur or manager in mind who is tired of going from day to day and year to year without experiencing progress and fulfilment in their life. If you are struggling to keep physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, spiritually aligned and financially stable, APSCon is the conference that you have long waited for. Our host of diverse, qualified and experienced speakers will assist you in taking stock of where you are, provide you with a guide which will help you to take the necessary actions to set yourself up for a winning advantage in 2022 and beyond.

We promise that you will leave much more hopeful and with better clarity than you came. However, taking stock is the first step of the process. Once the conference is over, the work now begins to achieve those new goals that were set. Register for our Blueprint Masterclass Program to make sure that you remain accountable. Success is INTENTIONAL!


12 Dec 18

Vision Board Workshop



Saturday, December 18, 2021

10 am - 1 pm PST

General Admission - $47 | VIP Admission - $97

Most people think a vision board is just a collection of images designed to represent your dream life. Really - for the most part, that’s actually all a vision board ever becomes! When created from this limited understanding, the average individual will unknowingly hinder their ability to manifest when using a vision board. They create aspirational vision boards – a collection of the things they wish they had, completely given by fear and scarcity, which actually anchors their vibration into a state of wishing, wanting and lack, sabotaging their dreams! These limiting beliefs ruin the process of creation with your board! That’s why we are giving you materials to build your board and help you tap into the energy of abundance, prosperity and success, securing yourself into the version of you who “already has” everything you desire. It's a done deal! These materials support you in the creation of your personal, unique Vision Board, carefully crafting and visualizing your dreams and goals to accelerate your results. Your Vision Board can be a potent visualization tool you seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine as you take the actions necessary that are correlate to your dreams and desires faster than ever before! Get your head start on creating 2022 with your vibrant, powerful Vision Board created with the support of The YES Coach™! 

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Jan 13-15

YES Mastermind Intensive



January 13-15, 2021

8 am - 4 pm PST

General Admission - $57 | VIP Admission - $97 | Platinum VIP - $197

We've attended tons of virtual events since COVID-19 changed the playing field. But those big price tags don't always stack up with the quality of content and learning, which is exactly why we've decided to run our very own! Inside this Mastermind, we work with you to eliminate permanently the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Step into the energy of YES and create the life and business of your dreams... with the power of YES!

Three immersive days with Pam Heath, the YES Coach™, and 16 of the most innovative thought leaders working today as they walk you through the fundamental seven areas of life, your business, your power, and your ability to make a difference. Three days that will give you access to the areas of life that, when expanded effectively will lead to the life and business of your dreams.  Our speakers provide extraordinary value developing your mindset in the areas of Home, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, and FUN - natural FUN … You will Achieve Extraordinary Results in EVERY Aspect of Your Life in 2021 after this event! Register here:

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