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the yes coach workshops

Keep an eye open for one of Pam's YES workshops in your community, or you can bring Pam's YES vibe to your organization or event and change the conversation throughout the group.  Her energy will fire up your team, group or event and get everyone in a space where there is no other solution or answer but YES!

Workshops topics can be customized to meet the needs of your event, or you can select from one of the list of Pam's popular topics:

Say Yes to Prosperity

Writing a Business Plan That Everyone Will Say YES To

Yes -  Mission | Vision | Value

Workshop/Group Rates & Fees

1 Day workshop fees

- 2 hour workshop:  $500

-  4 hour workshop:  $950

- 6 hour workshop:  $1,275

- 8 hour workshop:  $1,600


Retreat/Workshop fees

1 Day Retreat

- 8 hour workshop:    $1,500

- 10 hour workshop:  $1,800

* food and lodging separate

2 Day Retreat/Workshop fees

- 12 hour workshop: $2,250

- 16 hour workshop: $2,700

* food and lodging separate

Contact Pam to book a group or to inquire about an approaching event.

$500 deposit required for all group bookings.

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