July 28-30, 2022, 8 am - 4 pm PDT

A Virtual Event to Transform Your Life, Overcome Challenges and Help You Make Your Dreams Come True!

If you've been waiting for that one virtual event that would sum it all up... wait no more!

This is it! This is the one!

No matter what did or didn’t happen for you so far in 2022 your future is an open possibility!

Which is why, to help you create the life of your dreams, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary event, July 28-30, where on our transformational stage you will be invited to take on a mindset for prosperity, abundance, and success leading you EXACTLY where you want to go in 2022! No kidding!

We've attended tons of virtual events since COVID-19 changed the playing field. But those big price tags don't always stack up with the quality of content and learning, which is exactly why we've decided to run our very own! Inside this Mastermind, we work with you to eliminate permanently the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Attention! Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches, Course Creators, Speakers, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and Conscious Professionals

We're experiencing a revolution in the coaching industry and your time has come! Is this you:

  • You're committed to making a difference and contributing to people, but you're frustrated.

  • You struggle with the logistics of running your business and how to be successful and abundant, and this worries you.

  • It seems that for each step forward you take two steps back and you're fearful your business won't survive.

Since the pandemic, the way we create, design, deliver, market and sell our group coaching programs is changing, and it's hard to keep up! It's time to grow your business, expand your capacity and discover what it takes to be a successful business owner with consistent new clients, more revenue and abundance you can count on and take to the bank!


Well? What's stopping you? What's in the way?

Step into the energy of YES and create
the life and business of your dreams...
with the power of YES!

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Are you ready to step into creating what is truly possible for your life and your business?


Are you ready to open your mind to accept UNLIMITED potential to fulfill your DREAMS?

Are you ready to...

> Make more money

> Gain more clients

> Have more impact

> Provide more value

> Have freedom to enjoy your life?

Come with me and we'll help you transform your life in 3 days! 

Three immersive days with Pam Heath, the YES Coach™, and 16 of the most innovative thought leaders working today as they walk you through the fundamental seven areas of life, your business, your power, and your ability to make a difference. Three days that will give you access to the areas of life that, when expanded effectively will lead to the life and business of your dreams.  Our speakers provide extraordinary value developing your mindset in the areas of Home, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, and FUN - natural FUN … You will Achieve Extraordinary Results in EVERY Aspect of Your Life in 2021 after this event!

Say Yes To Life...
                and Take a Step!

"Create your dream life through the power of YES!"

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welcome to

The Yes Mastermind Intensive

with Pam Heath, The YES Coach™

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3 Day Virtual Event

July 28-30, 2022

8 am PDT - 4 pm PDT all 3 days 

Free gifts for all participants and special bonus gifts for VIP & Platinum VIP. There will also be two drawings for a free psychic reading and a beautiful Law of Attraction Day Planner!

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Greetings Big Dream Entrepreneur!

Do you crave more for your life?

I'm Pam Heath, the YES Coach™ and I'm convinced that everyone can create anything they desire in life - - if we stand firm in the energy of YES. 

I've created an incredible event with 16 POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL coaches that will set you on a path of purpose and fulfillment. Learn, evolve and eliminate limiting beliefs that block you from your God-given right to abundance and success. Those of us who are self-employed are breaking through the COVID-19 blindside that, for a time, had us all scrambling just to stay afloat. 

What holds most people back from success is not their lack of drive or desire or lack of skills, or inability to follow through. Most people make progress and then inevitably self-sabotage in some way. Can you relate?


You get some new clients or make a bunch of money, and then some unexpected expense comes up like a car repair or some other emergency, and … there goes your extra money! It's like a hamster on a wheel! 









This happens when we reach our “lid” - our own ceiling for what feels comfortable on a subconscious level. We can't go higher than this. This threshold was established early on in childhood by what you learned and observed about money and success from society, your parents, how they handled stress, etc. Once you start to reach past that threshold, it begins to feel uncomfortable, so your subconscious programming causes you to self-sabotage to come back to the money threshold you're "used to." Despite your desires, despite your wishes, dreams, and aspirations, you will subconsciously erase any opportunity that presents itself because deep down, you don't think it's possible. "I just want to be realistic," you tell yourself, or "I'll take what I can get."


It's as if you deep down you worry the money won't last, so you might as well buy what you want while you have it. This is actually scarcity programming. There never seems to be enough. This happens a lot with people that win the lottery (or celebrities and athletes) and then spend it all and go back to being broke. The only way to expand into your next level of abundance without self-sabotaging is to heal the subconscious limiting beliefs at the root, so you feel safe and have new beliefs that support your growth rather than hinder it. 

You will gain from this event with the tools, resources and structures needed to go to your life and your business and take the steps necessary to grow, expand and flourish. You'll have eliminated permanently those limiting beliefs that keep you from enjoying your life and being happy. In three days!

We will be covering seven fundamental areas of life that you see below plus there will be a conversation about accountability and commitment. If you want to conquer what stops you in your tracks from achieving what you most want, come to this event and take the first step to heal those scars that are in the way of your true success and find your authentic expression at the YES Mastermind Intensive. 

Career & Finances (Money)

Health & Fitness

Love & Romance

Relationships (Family, Friends & Associates)

Home Environment


Fun & Play 

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Business Consultation


Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches, Love Coaches, Consultants

Happy Meditator


Spriritualists, Numerologists, Mediums, Tarot Card Readers, Psychics, and Seers

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Course Creators, Thought Leaders, Program Leaders and Creative Artists


Discover what your barriers to prosperity and abundance in your life, in your business and what walls are subconscious blocking your path to success. In 3 days.

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About This Event

The event is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,

July 28-30, 2022, from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. PDT

- It is a zoom event. You will receive the details when you pay for your ticket and are sent the registration link for the Mastermind.

- The meal break will be a 60-minute working break and there will be other breaks for the participants throughout the event.

- The tickets are General Admission, VIP, and Platinum VIP.

- General admission is $57 which will go directly to the charity

- General Admission tickets receive:

  • Our chosen charity is Soul Shoppe. They are an organization committed to ending bullying in schools. General Admission to the event is a donation to this organization.

  • The Digital YES Mastermind Intensive Workbook

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event


- VIP Admission is $97. VIP participants receive:

  • Everything General Admission receives

  • Lifetime Access to the replay of the event

  • The Digital YES Mastermind Intensive Workbook

  • Hot Seat with Pam Heath, the YES Coach during the event with work in a specific area of your choice

  • Graphic of the Merlin Exercise (plus milestones/goals).

  • 30 min Coaching call with Pam Heath and choice of one of the experts that speak during the event at the time of your choosing after the event.

  • Law of Attraction Planner

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event


- Platinum VIP Admission is $197. Platinum VIP participants pay for their VIP admission, plus they also donate $57 to the charity. They also receive:

  • Everything the General Admission and VIP participants receive

  • Budget Planner

  • Yes YouCandle

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event

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