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May 19-21, 2022, 8 am - 4 pm PDT

A Virtual Event to Transform Your Life, Overcome Challenges and Help You Make Your Dreams Come True!

If you've been waiting for that one virtual event that would sum it all up... wait no more!

This is it! This is the one!

No matter what did or didn’t happen for you in 2021 your future is an open possibility!

Which is why, to help you create the life of your dreams, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary event, February 17-19, where on our transformational stage you will be invited to take on a mindset for prosperity, abundance, and success leading you EXACTLY where you want to go in 2022! No kidding!

We've attended tons of virtual events since COVID-19 changed the playing field. But those big price tags don't always stack up with the quality of content and learning, which is exactly why we've decided to run our very own! Inside this Mastermind, we work with you to eliminate permanently the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Attention! Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches, Course Creators, Speakers, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and Conscious Professionals

We're experiencing a revolution in the coaching industry and your time has come! Is this you:

  • You're committed to making a difference and contributing to people, but you're frustrated.

  • You struggle with the logistics of running your business and how to be successful and abundant, and this worries you.

  • It seems that for each step forward you take two steps back and you're fearful your business won't survive.

Since the pandemic, the way we create, design, deliver, market and sell our group coaching programs is changing, and it's hard to keep up! It's time to grow your business, expand your capacity and discover what it takes to be a successful business owner with consistent new clients, more revenue and abundance you can count on and take to the bank!


Well? What's stopping you? What's in the way?

Step into the energy of YES and create
the life and business of your dreams...
with the power of YES!

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Are you ready to step into creating what is truly possible for your life and your business?


Are you ready to open your mind to accept UNLIMITED potential to fulfill your DREAMS?

Are you ready to...

> Make more money

> Gain more clients

> Have more impact

> Provide more value

> Have freedom to enjoy your life?

Come with me and we'll help you transform your life in 3 days! 

Three immersive days with Pam Heath, the YES Coach™, and 16 of the most innovative thought leaders working today as they walk you through the fundamental seven areas of life, your business, your power, and your ability to make a difference. Three days that will give you access to the areas of life that, when expanded effectively will lead to the life and business of your dreams.  Our speakers provide extraordinary value developing your mindset in the areas of Home, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, and FUN - natural FUN … You will Achieve Extraordinary Results in EVERY Aspect of Your Life in 2021 after this event!

Say Yes To Life...
                and Take a Step!

"Create your dream life through the power of YES!"

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welcome to

The Yes Mastermind Intensive

with Pam Heath, The YES Coach™

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3 Day Virtual Event

May 19-21, 2022

8 am PDT - 4 pm PDT all 3 days 

Free gifts for all participants and special bonus gifts for VIP & Platinum VIP. There will also be two drawings for a free psychic reading and a beautiful Law of Attraction Day Planner!

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Greetings Big Dream Entrepreneur!

Do you crave more for your life?

I'm Pam Heath, the YES Coach™ and I'm convinced that everyone can create anything they desire in life - - if we stand firm in the energy of YES. 

I've created an incredible event with 16 POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL coaches that will set you on a path of purpose and fulfillment. Learn, evolve and eliminate limiting beliefs that block you from your God-given right to abundance and success. Those of us who are self-employed are breaking through the COVID-19 blindside that, for a time, had us all scrambling just to stay afloat. 

What holds most people back from success is not their lack of drive or desire or lack of skills, or inability to follow through. Most people make progress and then inevitably self-sabotage in some way. Can you relate?


You get some new clients or make a bunch of money, and then some unexpected expense comes up like a car repair or some other emergency, and … there goes your extra money! It's like a hamster on a wheel! 









This happens when we reach our “lid” - our own ceiling for what feels comfortable on a subconscious level. We can't go higher than this. This threshold was established early on in childhood by what you learned and observed about money and success from society, your parents, how they handled stress, etc. Once you start to reach past that threshold, it begins to feel uncomfortable, so your subconscious programming causes you to self-sabotage to come back to the money threshold you're "used to." Despite your desires, despite your wishes, dreams, and aspirations, you will subconsciously erase any opportunity that presents itself because deep down, you don't think it's possible. "I just want to be realistic," you tell yourself, or "I'll take what I can get."


It's as if you deep down you worry the money won't last, so you might as well buy what you want while you have it. This is actually scarcity programming. There never seems to be enough. This happens a lot with people that win the lottery (or celebrities and athletes) and then spend it all and go back to being broke. The only way to expand into your next level of abundance without self-sabotaging is to heal the subconscious limiting beliefs at the root, so you feel safe and have new beliefs that support your growth rather than hinder it. 

You will gain from this event with the tools, resources and structures needed to go to your life and your business and take the steps necessary to grow, expand and flourish. You'll have eliminated permanently those limiting beliefs that keep you from enjoying your life and being happy. In three days!

We will be covering seven fundamental areas of life that you see below plus there will be a conversation about accountability and commitment. If you want to conquer what stops you in your tracks from achieving what you most want, come to this event and take the first step to heal those scars that are in the way of your true success and find your authentic expression at the YES Mastermind Intensive. 

Career & Finances (Money)

Health & Fitness

Love & Romance

Relationships (Family, Friends & Associates)

Home Environment


Fun & Play 

Hamster on wheel.jpg


Business Consultation


Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches, Love Coaches, Consultants

Happy Meditator


Spriritualists, Numerologists, Mediums, Tarot Card Readers, Psychics, and Seers

Mindvalley Image.jpg


Course Creators, Thought Leaders, Program Leaders and Creative Artists


Discover what your barriers to prosperity and abundance in your life, in your business and what walls are subconscious blocking your path to success. In 3 days.

About This Event

The event is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,

May 19-21, 2022, from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. PDT

- It is a zoom event. You will receive the details when you pay for your ticket and are sent the registration link for the Mastermind.

- The meal break will be a 60-minute working break and there will be other breaks for the participants throughout the event.

- The tickets are General Admission, VIP, and Platinum VIP.

- General admission is $57 which will go directly to the charity

- General Admission tickets receive:

  • Our chosen charity is Soul Shoppe. They are an organization committed to ending bullying in schools. General Admission to the event is a donation to this organization.

  • The Digital YES Mastermind Intensive Workbook

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event


- VIP Admission is $97. VIP participants receive:

  • Everything General Admission receives

  • Lifetime Access to the replay of the event

  • The Digital YES Mastermind Intensive Workbook

  • Hot Seat with Pam Heath, the YES Coach during the event with work in a specific area of your choice

  • Graphic of the Merlin Exercise (plus milestones/goals).

  • 30 min Coaching call with Pam Heath and choice of one of the experts that speak during the event at the time of your choosing after the event.

  • Law of Attraction Planner

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event


- Platinum VIP Admission is $197. Platinum VIP participants pay for their VIP admission, plus they also donate $57 to the charity. They also receive:

  • Everything the General Admission and VIP participants receive

  • Budget Planner

  • Yes YouCandle

  • Prizes and gifts throughout the 3-day event

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Life Wheel

Meet the powerful, passionate, uplifting speakers that will

Inspire You To Be A  YES!




There are some very special products that are at discounted prices for this event only. Take advantage!

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The YES Coach™




No doubt at some point in your life you’ve had someone say “NO” to you. Something you desired, or hoped for or envisioned you could have? “No, you can’t do that!” “No, you can’t have that!” “No, you’re not pretty enough! You're too short! Too fat! Too old! NO! Just ‘NO.’ There was something the matter. Something was missing. So, just stop wanting it. You can't have it. No. What did it cost you to hear “NO?” Were you devastated? Stopped? Did you decide that you weren’t going to be able to have what you want? Did you give up on your dream? Pam Heath is the YES Coach™ and she says “YES.” YES to your dreams, to your hopes, and your goals. Whatever they are. 

Conscious professionals hire Pam to help them permanently eliminate their limiting beliefs, paving the way to more abundance, success and power for their lives and for their businesses! With Pam's coaching entrepreneurs launch and scale sustainable businesses and build brands that impact!


Pam helps Transformational, Motivational, and Self-Help entrepreneurs distinguish their personal and professional brands and attract streams of new clients producing more leads, more conversions, and more profit than ever before. Life Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches, Spiritualists, Creative Artists, Program Leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs find working with Pam transformational and empowering pursuing the path to the life and business of their dreams!


Pam Heath wants you to “say yes” to love, success and happiness! Known as the Yes Coach, Pam is the author of Say Yes: 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams and contributing author to Harmony in Chakras, Vol II. Through her individual coaching programs, books, and workshops, Pam guides clients through the steps necessary for expanding their capacity to bring abundance into their lives. She has worked with people from all walks of life, and in addition, partners with her sister, a talented medium, to offer specific coaching services to psychics and other new age professionals looking to promote themselves without compromising spirituality on an online directory called The New Age Guild.


Vision Board Music




Are you struggling with procrastination and fear of not having what it takes to bring in the lifestyle that you desire?? It has been said that to worry is the WORST use of your imagination. In today's world we are constantly plugged into and connected to the electric currents and largely disconnected from each other, the peace of the universe around us, and our natural energy sources, it’s no wonder why we sometimes can go from having a sharp focus and a clear picture of where we are headed to frazzled and stuck.

Michelle's invitation is to make a strong decision to never waste precious time and energy drowning in self-doubt, guilt, shame, or comparison to others again! let LOVE to conquer ALL!

In a vibrational universe reality as you look around is a manifestation of your own design! TODAY BEGIN TO SAY YES IN ALL WAYS TO ONLY WHAT YOU NEED TO ALLOW INTO YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE!   

Michelle has made programming yourself with YES to seeing, hearing, thinking, and speaking a SOUND Mind, Body, and Spirit into Being into the future of YOUR OWN DESIGN making it fun, simple, and easy to do in 2021. Oh, and by the way… Life and Creating GET TO BE FUN! Choose your expression wisely! 

Angel 1.jpg

The Joyous Life Coach™



Angel Thacker is an adept business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. For over 25 years, Angel has provided exclusive coaching services to organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries and individuals. Additionally, she provides business coaching that develops real, resourceful, and resilient leaders who achieve amazing results through spirituality.

Throughout her career years, she’s prone to access to tools, resources, and extensive knowledge with which she uses to transform the lives of people. Angel is an experienced spiritual entrepreneur, so she speaks from experience, as well as years of her own personal and professional development.

​​As a spiritual entrepreneur and business coach, Angel leverages her depth of business knowledge to motivate, educate and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve a higher level of success, professionally and personally. Angel offers a holistic approach to happiness and overall well-being. She is enthusiastic about helping people maximize their potentials, unlock their uniqueness, and discover their purpose in life. With a distinct perspective, she spiritually examines their predicaments differently and discovers the core hindrances to their success- empowering them to ignite and transform their lives.

Angel is a highly gifted spiritual and intuitive life coach, focusing her life on the technologies of what she calls living a "joy*possible life."  Using her 21 "joy laws" she works with clients to shift their focus on creating and maintaining a space of joy to access true fulfillment and abundance in all areas of ones life. 

Falardeau 500x500.png

International Bestselling Author


Imagine, a little 2-year-old exploding into flames and being covered in scars to most of her body and being called Scar-Faced Girl. That's a tragedy, right? But what if that little 2-year-old old grows up to be a multiple TEDx speaker, 7x Best-Selling Author, YWCA Woman of Distinction with a documentary about her life story that has impacted almost 10 million people? Would you still consider that 2-year-old old getting burnt, a tragedy?

Well, that little 2-year-old old is me.

My name is Kelly Falardeau and my mom taught me how to make lemonade out of lemons. I became an international speaker and best-selling author almost 10 years ago and I share my story around the world. When COVID hit, I lost all my speaking gigs and so I pivoted and now I'm coaching people to become best-selling authors. And I want YOU to learn all you can so that you too can take your author career and hit the masses and make an impact and income.

Throughout the past few years, I have coached hundreds of people to get their books started and published so that they can make an impact and income as an author. I want to do the same for you. My promise to you is that when you finish this three-day event, you will have the tools you need to get your book published and launched.

Michelle Gray.jfif

Psychic & Personal Trainer



Psychic Medium and Personal Trainer Michelle Gray and has been in the fitness industry for over 36 years. She holds numerous certifications through various associations. She is also Stott Pilates trained. She is a certified Life Coach and a Psychic/Medium extraordinarily passionate about fitness because she loves working with people and wants them to feel as good about themselves as she does about her body. Michelle believes that taking joy in every day makes life fun and rewarding and that is what exercise should be for every participant.

Michelle says: “As our bodies improve through exercise, we enhance our ability to handle stress by releasing adrenaline and cortisol and stimulating endorphins that are natural painkillers and mood elevators. How great is that! Our bodies and brain help us to be happier.”

Fitness and wellness led Michelle into her psychic/mediumship work. Through a series of events, she started psychic classes and transitioned into psychic work online about 13 years ago. As exercise is a passion for me, so is working with her psychic/medium clients. All clients are looking for an answer or many answers that bring clarity and validation. She wants each client to feel peace of mind from every session with her as a personal trainer and a psychic medium.



Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary and Fundraiser, Abby Frimpong, known as AbbyLicious, has dedicated her life helping charities raise funds to support life saving initiatives until a near fatal close call with death experience that happened to her in 2017.

Abby realized that a new lease on life meant she had to share her gifts with a global audience. She now enjoys empowering people and companies find creative ways to support causes and make a positive impact.

If you want your brand to gain credibility, create a social impact strategy which holds charities accountable and demand transparency.

Get ready to work with Abby on finding the path to more energy and life empowered by nature itself! 

Holistic Health Coach


Author & Law of Attraction Coach



For over three decades, she helped de-stress work for others in corporate roles and within one year proved herself unstoppable at the executive level in the face of overwhelming odds, with her new boss’ complete trust in her.

She is an author, Bauer Certified Presenter/Closer Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, B.A.N.K. IOS Certified Coach, ex-badminton junior coach, Triple Silver Medal World Masters Badminton Champion, an intuitive artist, wife, mother of three grown children and now many also refer to her as Energy Healer with her gift of Sparkle. She knows what it's like to be chauffeur, cook and jack of all trades, holding down the fort when her husband travelled on business. Michele knows what it means to have sleepless nights, worry, deal with loss and huge changes in life, and she wasn’t born with a silver spoon… She’s able now to live above the dramas of life having embarked on her own spiritual journey almost 2 decades ago adding to her tool kit e.g. Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Energetics, Reconnective Healing, Hawaiian Healing, even Reiki along the way.  Michele discovered she has a gift that others named "Sparkle", the culmination of her Life’s Work and this is the gift she brings to the table.  An analytical, process person, a first adaptor and no-nonsense action-taker, she dissected it all and pieced it back together.

Her book, Sparkle and Shine - Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home And Work) is her paying it forward to the world. Everything starts with You. Your world is a Reflection of You.  What you think about and focus on, your perspectives...this impacts what you attract into your life. Come and let Michele put some 'Sparkle' in your life to live your life powerfully ... to create the life of your dreams. 


Certified Women's Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach


Courtney Titus is a Certified Women’s Holistic Health and Empowerment Coach with 9 years of experience. She is here to help you understand the ins and outs of your mind and your body. Courtney takes into account the “big picture,” including all aspects of your life and wellness journey. Her programs incorporate nutrition, movement, self –love and cultivating a more positive mindset. She believes that symptoms are signs of imbalance and need to be addressed appropriately versus numb them with pharmaceuticals. Courtney specializes in helping patients overcome PMS, acne, irregular periods, chronic UTIs, thyroid and gut health issues. She has also had success helping women get more aligned to their purpose, awakened their feminine energy, communicate better and lead a desire led life.

She has a BA from Rutgers University in Sociology and Psychology, graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. When she is not working, Courtney enjoys hiking, camping, live music and dancing salsa.

Kitti McCay.JPG



Entrepreneurs and startups hire Kitti to help them eliminate their clutter and overwhelm in 90 days so they can focus on making more money in their business to create an amazing life for themselves and their families. She believes that  physical clutter and lack of focus/concentration are very closely related, especially if one is challenged with traits of ADHD, so she has developed a step-by-step “ONE” system  that has helped her clients to clear years of clutter without getting completely overwhelmed by the process. 

De-Clutter the Brain Expert


Archanaa Shyam.jpg

Intuitive Visionary Strategist & Catalyst



My background is in Finance and Accounting. I've had a career in IT for 20 years. I combine my experience and learnings from both the material and spiritual facets. I'm an Elemental and Sacred Space Alchemist. A Shaman. A Starseed. A Medical Intuitive. A Master Energy Transmitter and Channel. A Mentor and a Guide. A Safe Container for Deep Lasting Positive Transformation. A Recovering Perfectionist. An Earth Lover. A Crystal Keeper. A Student of Shamanic Astrology.

I bring in all of these and more into my offerings as we integrate intuitive technologies and energetic processes. I love what I do and do what I love - I live a purposeful passion-filled life!

When I was 5-years-old, I told my mother I wanted to change my birth name. Mom agreed and gave me three options. I settled on Archanaa - which literally translates to "an offering in a place of worship." This meaning has paved the gateway for my purpose and is the inspiration for the Sacred Golden Temple process.

I believe in magically integrating the divinity and compassion of the Goddess, the shadow and sensuality of the Serpent, the playfulness and creativity of the Faeries, and the fiery passion and intensity of Thunder!

Mamie Lamley.jpg

Director of Coaching Master of the B.A.N.K. Codebreaker System to predict buying behavior

My dear friend Jason Tyne once told me, “I believe in you! You have more power than you realize, and it all starts with the words you use and the meaning behind them!”


The impact of Jason’s words rattled me to the core. He voiced what I felt inside of me and would never say for myself. Playing small and hiding behind the fear of “not being good enough!” I was on the road to Nowhere Ville. Good enough to run a 10,000 people event. Not good enough, so I thought, to get on stage and own it.  


With over fourteen years of service with a global event organizer and serving some of the leading experts in personal development such as Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Cheri Tree, and Gary Vaynerchuk, I took responsibility and made a change. I went from being invisible at the back of the room to declaring my path to invincible on the stage as an assistant trainer for Warrior Training Camp, created by T. Harv Eker. A feat reserved for a very selected few!


The shift to become invincible took another turn when 97 women raised their hands to learn how to speak their passion into existence. In April 2018, after a year of coaching, 17 of the 97 women gathered at Newark Airport to make the trek to New Delhi, India, for the Women Economic Forum. It was the first time for many things, especially presenting live to 2000 people and streaming video to over 150 countries. When the excitement settled, all seventeen women returned home to the USA as International Award-Winning Speakers.


As the Director of Coaching for Codebreaker Technologies, the Founder of Empowerment on Fire, and a Partner at Heroic Voice Academy, I skillfully mastermind and train with corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  Providing strategic step-by-step processes to implement responsible and ethical artificial intelligence to decipher client buying behavior, elevate sales revenue, mitigate budget risks, and close more sales in less time!


My mission is to connect continents, countries, and communities to build influencers and empowered leaders. To strengthen their communication in generating intentional support, money, and reputation; while delivering a heartfelt message with precision, self-mastery & connection!

Sonia Garcia.jpg

The 'Change' Queen

Sonia Garcia (The Change Queen) mastered the art of leaning into change, adapting, and building something great out of new and challenging circumstances. She became a young single mother while in college. She went on to finish her Master’s degree and have a successful career in Education. She learned that although single motherhood comes with obligations, it also comes with a great gift: FREEDOM. Catch her story in the book, Turning Points. 


Sonia’s Core Values are FREEDOM to design your life, TRUTH in being you, and that LOVE is accepting. Living these values has allowed her to create extraordinary results such as: 


  • Becoming a homeowner at the age of 20

  • Obtaining a securities license to become a stock trader

  • Founding a teen seminar company, “Rise Above”

  • Starting Field of Dreams, a successful non-profit, currently serving for over ten years

  • She has created multiple streams of income and investments

  • Lived several years by the beach, nestled between a Ritz Carlton and St. Regis

  • Travels extensively

  • Has lost 50 pounds (3 times!!)

  • Eloped with a childhood friend within a week of reconnecting


Sonia Garcia is a Certified Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner specializing in the education and coaching of those ready to make a change in their lives. Her two decades of experience with transformational strategies aid her in supporting others.



Angela Jackson has helped hundreds of people lead happier more fulfilled lives. She can do the same for you.

She’s an inspirational speaker, a trusted life coach, and the author of several best-selling books. Her coaching sessions are warm, interactive, and fun. Angela’s passion is to help people help themselves.

Life Coach & Bestselling Author


Ramesh Dewangar.jpg

Quantum Vision Consulting


#1 Strategic Wealth Creation Expert


Alexei Musienko is The Award-Winning, #1 Best Selling, Author of Double Your Income Free Your Time, Thought Leader, #1 Strategic Wealth Creation Expert, and is The Mentor of Mentors. He has Started, Scaled, and Owns Five, Six, Seven Figure companies and he can help you do the same! He is the authority of turning relationships into cash! 

Alexei truly believes that you’re just One Relationship Away from the life of your dreams or the impact that you would like to create in the world! His superpower is being able to connect two more people stepping back and watching the magic happen! 

Connect with Alexei to receive a special private invitation to the amazing Double Your Income Free Your Time Special Private Community where you will find free gifts, amazing bonuses, and special private training as his way of paying it forward!

Arline Warwick.jpg



Arline Warwick is an international speaker, author, founder and owner of Find Corporate Sponsors, LLC. She shows businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits how to find hefty sums of money, “Money you don't have to pay back” that can be used to build your business or organization. Arline has spoken on several panels including the United Nations Parallel event and has presented on many stages with internationally known speakers and New York Times best selling authors such as David Fagan, Suzanne Evans, Larry Winget and Dannella Burnett. Years of working with animals, babies, special needs children and adults has made Arline a strong, proficient, and intuitive connector of people, businesses and non-profits. She teaches you how to build your base, partner with local businesses and corporations then work your way up to the national corporate sponsorship level. After learning from her own experiences and years of research, Arline shows you how to guide your business through a step-by-step system that reveals the easiest approach to finding the best partnerships so you can grow, blossom and bloom. You don’t have to be big to get sponsors, sponsors make you big.

MaryJo Rennert.jpg

Beloved & Beautiful You

Mary Jo Rennert Gremling - Author, speaker, and Divorce Recovery Coach, she is a powerful witness to a Beautiful Way to TRUE happiness. Her books, talks, signature coaching programs, and retreats all lead toward that destination. But the Beautiful Way isn’t a road or a method; it’s a Person—the God who created us and draws each of us to Himself. Divorced after forty-four years of marriage, Mary Jo's mission is to help others—particularly those who’ve experienced divorce—explore and experience love by finding their way back to God. 

Divorced after forty-four years of marriage, Mary Jo Rennert is a powerful witness to a Beautiful Way to TRUE happiness. Don't expect a goody-goody, sugar-coated presentation. Mary Jo tells it like it is! Drawing on her own experience as a divorced Christian woman faithful to the Catholic Church's teachings, Mary Jo engages audiences with her down-to-earth humor and real-life stories to help other women navigate the heartache of divorce and rebuild their lives.




Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, is an internationally renowned teacher, intuitive, and healer.

Art believes each of us is born with amazing intuitive and energetic abilities. His gift is in helping people access and develop those hidden abilities in extraordinary ways. He has helped people to open up their intuition, spirituality, and their ability to work with energy. Art leads people to discover how amazing they truly are, and how they can have more fun in life, be healthier, more successful and contribute more to the world simply by being who they really are.

Art draws on a unique and diverse background of more than 36 years of study and development in the fields of NLP, spirituality, life coaching, and intuition development. He has worked with Western, Tibetan, Hindu, South American, and Philippine energy healers.  He has been an NLP trainer for over 26 years,  spent 11 years doing medical research for the University of California, and consults to major corporations in the areas of leadership and team development.

Art is known for the joy, humor, and compassion that he brings to his work. He is able to simplify complex ideas and has a magical ability to help people release old programming, emotions, and limiting beliefs quickly and easily. This and his talent for helping people open up their amazing hidden abilities, has made his workshops and teleworkshops popular in the US, Europe, and South America.

Energetic NLP

Ramesh is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Vision Consulting, focused on turning professionals into iconic leaders of influence!

Ramesh has spent over three decades in the high-tech industry-leading global teams in software development, product management, and marketing. He has launched several new high-tech products, has worked with customers, vendors, and eco-system partners to increase the product footprint. He is an MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

As a certified co