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Say Yes To Life...
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Step into the world of yes!

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You've probably heard “NO” in your life. “No, you’re not pretty enough, you're too short, too fat, too old. What did it cost you to hear 'NO?' Were you devastated? Stopped? Did someone tell you that you weren't good enough and never would be? Did you give up? I’m Pam Heath, and I’m the YES Coach and I teach my clients to say YES to Life. I'm a Life Coach and a Business Strategist and I coach from the energy of YES. I help conscious professionals eliminate their limiting beliefs and leverage their personal brand or message to the life and business of their dreams. When you say YES to Life, Life says YE$ to you! It's okay to be afraid. Take your fear in one hand and take action with the other! Say YES! Take the time to check out my next my next mastermind and begin the life of your dreams. I work with Spiritual and Transformational Practitioners, Creative Artists and Wellness Coaches who have struggled to turn their passion into a profitable business. I help you create a thriving business aligned with your Life Passion. 



Welcome TO


Welcome to my world.  I live in the world of YES and you just took your first step to the pathway to the life of your dreams!



My name is Pam Heath and I'm a Life Coach and Business Consultant and I work with Spiritual and Transformational Practitioners, Creative Artists and Wellness Coaches who have struggled to turn their passion into a profitable business. I help you create a thriving business aligned with your Life Passion. I teach you how to run your business as a business, and not as a hobby.  I specialize in getting you organized for success in your life and your business. My background is in personal development, communications, team management and years of empowering individuals to achieve their best results. I spent a lifetime as a Legal Administrator and Operations Manager and I also spent many years focusing on leading impactful transformational programs and I will work with you to enhance your ability to create the life of your dreams – by design. I call myself a YES Coach and the process I designed is called The YES Principle.



I provide YES coaching and training. My clients get clear about who they are and what they want in life and burst through to take the actions to achieve their goals. Doing what they’ve always wanted to do in life, they take charge and make things happen in a time frame they didn’t dream was possible. They learn that by simply being a YES to courage, a YES to love, a YES to romance, a YES to their careers and a YES to POWER, PASSION and FUN they expand their capacity to have anything they are willing to say YES to.


Prosperity, abundance and success are your birthright! I understand what you've gone through. I’ve lived your story. I SEE you! Yes! I journeyed through tough times with misery and pain. Tragic circumstances seem to follow me wherever I went. Many painful situations. I lost what most would consider to be EVERYTHING! There is an infinite moment when you CHOOSE. What happens then? 

Your financial abundance can become a magical journey of fun and play. Learn to take control of your inner fears, and eliminate your limiting beliefs for good, building the courage and confidence to make your journey rewarding and inspiring.

If you are out to transform your life emotionally, professionally, spiritually and financially, you might be experiencing dark periods where hopelessness is allowed to set in and it occurs hard and too difficult. It’s during these times, that you are confronted with an overwhelming struggle for the courage to effectively improve your predicament. Embracing courage and a solid determination can protect you both emotionally and financially to rise above many challenging situations.

Come learn the secret that will enable you to gain emotionally, financially and mentally! 

Learn to achieve courage and confidence through inspired action. Say YES!

About Yes

What is yes coaching?

Coaching as a profession is a relatively new field but the opportunity to be someone who is coached by, mentored by or sourced by another human being is as old as the Sermon on the Mount. Being willing and open to having someone who is not caught up in the emotional investment in your situations support and source you from the sidelines is a critical opportunity to be guided on the divine path of your life. We are ALL on a journey in this life discovering what we truly want, what we’re truly here to contribute and our divine purpose and what YES coaching will provide is that certainty, that unabashed knowledge that anyone can have ANYTHING they want in life that they are willing to SAY they want. To achieve a desired result is faster and easier when you have a coach who will support you, guide you, and assist you in making the right choices that keep you moving toward a desired goal. 

I truly believe that people can have anything they want in life and I’m a firm practitioner of the Law of Attraction. I believe in and teach the Divine Law of Compensation and through my coaching, you will soon be capable of creating the life of your dreams through persistence, focus and faith.

All you need to bring to the table is a desire and willingness to grow, and – most critically – an openness and ability to be coached and to take on doing the actions that will forward what you say you want in life. With the correct mindset and a healthy dose of the right attitude, the ordinary person will accomplish extraordinary results. Therefore, a valuable part of what I do is to provide new practices and habits for my clients to take on proven-effective coaching concepts, tools and principles that help give people good things to think about, and then ACT on. My goal is that my clients find out what works well for them and then put their learning into everyday practice. 

Understanding that my clients have their own answers and must look within, I specialize and appreciate my support role in their process of self-discovery and greater understanding. I do this by asking questions and listening, probably more closely and keenly than most people have experienced. I have a very particular style and a very particular methodology and I don't let my clients affirm or speak negativity or convince themselves of the reasons they can't do something or can’t have something.

I don't allow clients to argue for their limitations. I coach best with people who come to coaching totally human, with all their mistakes, imperfections and insecurities, but who are also ready for something better, willing to take full responsibility for their lives, and able to act on their values, priorities and dreams! I call that being coachable. Expect me to constantly challenge your thought processes and get in your face when you want to hold onto negative conversations that are as old as your freckles. If you’re coachable, come to me and I will coach you to be everything you always dreamed and hoped for but never thought you could have. It works! I know. I DID IT! 

The reason YES coaching is ‘TRAINING’ is because I’m going to re-arrange your molecules and have your strategizing the actions to take in your day to day life to produce specific results and you’re going to operate like the things you want are a done deal. Your life will not be the same and you will not be the same when you take on YES training. Come get some.

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