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The 700 Club


Exclusive Inclusion to the Society of People with Great Credit

I have been working with my clients to clean up their credit for over three years now.  Back in 2007 I experienced a tragedy that rocked me to the core.  My oldest child committed suicide.  I went into a tailspin.  I lost my 17-year job as a Legal Administrator, I lost my dream home to foreclosure, and my beautiful car was repossessed.  I lost everything that is considered to be "everything."  For two years I was devastated as I grieved the loss of my daughter.  


Then, I came 'back to life.'  I found another job and began to rebuild my life, but I had ruined my credit.  In 2014 I started my coaching business.  With bad credit, I learned the hard way how difficult it is to make big-ticket purchases and get working capital.  I was also interested in renting to buy my next dream home and lost out to someone with better credit.  I decided to pull up my sleeves and get to work fixing my credit.  I began research into the legal and permanent method of repairing credit and maintaining it once you clear it up.  When I slowly began to rebuild my credit, I turned my attention to my family and friends.  To my astonishment, the steps I took worked for all of them.  The only way it didn’t work is if they didn’t do what I told them.  I then began to make this system available to my coaching clients.  I took a course in building corporate credit, which, by the way, is entirely separate from personal credit.  In 2018 I received certification in building a business finance suite and now offer that program to my business coaching clients.


With what you're about to discover, as I work in the background removing derogatories from your credit report and coaching and supporting you to maintain and fix what you can on your credit reports you will find out what it takes to become a member of what I have named - the 700 Club.  You're going to be able to finally improve your credit and start living the life you deserve.  Just follow the instructions, and in no time at all, you'll begin to see success with this program ... faster than you ever thought possible!


Personal Credit Repair Program (700 Club) -                              $1,200 [Paid in Full]

Business Finance Suite (Building Corporate Credit) –               $2,200 [Paid in Full]

Both Programs (If purchased at the same time) –                       $3,000 [Paid in Full]

Payment Plans

Personal Credit Repair Program (700 Club) -                              $420 [Monthly x 3]

Business Finance Suite (Building Corporate Credit) –               $740 [Monthly x 3]

Both Programs  –                                                                              $1,400 [Monthly x 3]

Personal Credit Repair Program (700 Club) -                              $100 [Weekly - 3 months]

Business Finance Suite (Building Corporate Credit) –               $200 [Weekly - 3 months]

Both Programs (If purchased at the same time) –                       300 [Weekly  - 3 months]

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